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Friends Then And Now – All The Stars

It’s been over twenty years given that our favourite Central Advantage crew went their different ways so, unsurprisingly, they have altered a lot given that their ‘Pals’ days.

Without a doubt it was the ‘it’ show of the 90’s that all of us liked and were heartbroken to see leave our screens however, time continues moving and it is safe to say that the entire cast are practically unrecognisable nowadays.

Here’s what Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe¬†appear like Friends then and now…

Rachel Green


Ultimate style master and ‘it’ lady Rachel Green was by far among the sassiest members of the gang. We were constantly rooting for her and Ross to obtain together which is why we all shed a tear when they finally revived their love in the show’s last episode. It’s clear that Aniston has well and truly protected her location in Hollywood because her Friends days …

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