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The Incredible Cast Of LOST: Then And Now

The show that definitely made tv action up it’s video game was the incredible: LOST.

The character driven plot and constant concerns that pestered our minds over the 6 series made for one of the very best TV programs of all time.

All of the die-hard fans were gutted when the show came to an end- and you can’t reject that there is absolutely a void in your life now.

But, do not stress– we have the next best thing– a take a look at the incredible cast 12 years on.

So, if you’re wondering what Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley and the rest of the fantastic actors depend on these days, have a look at the cast of LOST: then and now …

1. Matthew Fox As Jack Shephard

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Given that the show ended– Matthew had a couple of legal cases to settle and has actually stayed mostly from the public eye. We hope to see him on our screens very soon!

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