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Karma is a bitch: Don’t mess with the house cat


(scroll down for video) You’ll Never Guess What Happens After This Cats Rude Awakening

You’ll Never Guess What Occurs After This Cats Rude Awakening

Karma truly can be sweet in some cases. Whether your nasty next-door neighbor wrecks his automobile into the garage shortly after extoling it, or your pal fails on his back after failing to kick the leg out from under your chair, the wonderful satisfaction of effortless revenge is a fruit we’ve all tasted in some kind or another.

However couple of have ever delighted in sweeter karma than the road runner vengeance this charming cat dispense after his nap is so rudely disturbed. His owner says he loves his cat, but something informs me he doesn’t actually know what that means. The way he handles the bad thing is just horrible. He tugs him from the chair and kicks him away but in this story, the cat is the one with the ultimate victory. I’m glad he captured the funny consequences on video camera since it might be the only fame this mediocre guitar player ever sees.

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