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The 70s Musicians Then And Now, Iconic!

From heavy rock bands to pop princesses, the 70s was a years filled with an array of unbelievable music.

It was the start of a new, daring and controversial age where the musical limits were pushed to their limitations.

A lot of the renowned musicians from the time were so successful, their work is still influencing artists today.

While we continue to delight in listening to much of the hits from the 70s, there is no rejecting that the people behind the tracks have changed a lot over the last 30 years.

So, it is about time we caught up with the stars of this memorable years and learn exactly what they have been up to considering that their prime time.

Without additional ado, this is exactly what the renowned musicians from the 70s appear like then and now.

Led Zeplin Then


The english rock band got together in 1968 and seriously stimulated the music scene.

Led Zeplin Now

led now

In 2014 Led Zeppelin was still on The BillBoards’ Top Selling Albums list, with their self-titled, remastered album. Although their efficiencies have died down, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant received the distinguished Kennedy Center Honors award in 2012– given to those who have formed American culture.

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