27 Inspirational Kids That Prove The Future Is In Good, Kind Hands

27 Inspirational Kids That Prove The Future Is In Good, Kind Hands

Kids are like uncut diamonds: they are uninhibited and raw, but they will shock you with how intense they shine. These Children, especially, are actually real, precious gems:


Children still have a wonderful soul..

1. 8-year-old Noah carries his handicapped brother Lucas through mini-triathlon so they can complete together.

Lucas House

2. Bangladeshi kid risks his own life to conserve infant deer from drowning in floodwater.


3. This little kid saved up $120 for one year to make lunch packages to distribute to the homeless.

4. Nine-year-old built an animal shelter in his own home to conserve strays and canines to be put down in pounds.


5. 8-year-old Christian endured bullying and being called a “woman” for 2 years so he might grow his hair to make wigs for young cancer patients.

Deeanna Thomas

6. This toddler is providing a child bunny a much-needed boost.


7. Sweet little girl takes tissue to clean away a sobbing Japanese authorities’s tears on TV.


8. When this three-year-old kid discovered that the reason another little woman didn’t have any hair was due to the fact that she was sick, she said, “Oh. She can have some of my hair.”


9. 9-year-old Josef Miles made his own sign protesting versus protesters of Westboro Baptist Church, Kansas.

10. Mumbai girl protects stray dog from the heavy rain with her own umbrella.

11. This 13-year-old kid utilized CPR gained from Boy Scout days to save his baseball coach’s life when the latter had a cardiac arrest.

Florence Freedom Professional Baseball

12. A group of girls in Canada connected thick coats to street poles so homeless individuals will have something to wear for the cold winter.

Tara Smith-Atkins

13. Two adorable toddlers who’ve never ever fulfilled before hug it out at a fast food dining establishment.

14. Young kid provides bottled water to police officers standing in riot equipment under the scorching sun in Baltimore.

Bishop M. Cromartie

15. Little kid asked his mother to assist him load lunch for his schoolmates who couldn’t manage to have lunch at school.

16. Filipino girl keeps her pup safe from flood by bring him in a basin on her head.


17. Wyatt, a third-grader from Illinois, donated the $1,000 he won from a scavenger hunt to neighbor who was suffering from leukemia.

ABC News

18. 9-year-old used his allowance money to buy books for the local prison inmates to read, so “they don’t have time to think about doing bad things”.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

19. These kids practice their reading skills with shelter dogs to keep them company.

20. This sweet lady asked if she might sell her packed animals so she might contribute the money to a regional SPCA.


21. A homeless young boy from the Philippines used the light from a McDonald’s so he might do his homework.

Joyce Gilos Torrefranca

22. This little girl provided her favorite garbage guy a surprise cupcake for his birthday.

City of Bloomington

23. Aslan, a 17-year-old Syrian refugee, trekked 500km to Greece, carrying his puppy the whole way.


24. These 2-year-old triplets always look forward to garbage day so they can see their best friends, the garbage collectors!

Martha Sugalski

25. This incredible 9-year-old girl develops mobile shelters for the homeless from scrap pieces of wood, and grows food for them in her garden.

Hailey’s Harvest

26. A young kid’s family took in a stray cat a year earlier, and he still insists on tucking him in for naps, “so he knows that he lives at our house and will return.”

27. And this sick kid stuck in quarantine at the hospital gets saved from dullness thanks to his little friend.


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