Professor Challenges Students With These Curveball Extra Credit Questions

All the best revising for the extra credit questions set by freshman history instructor and full-time joker Teacher Tom Campbell, because his tests really test students with amusing curveball concerns.

So you know the designated textbook back to front, but exactly what about your 2Pac lyrics?

Imgur”I might quickly just unwind and give an examination …; however I think that would be going a disservice to my students,” states Thomas,”Also, with a multiple-choice test I get to make more jokes.”

Imgur Thomas stretches the memory skills and pop culture knowledge of his trainees to the extreme.


And tests their sound judgment, too. Always keep an eye out for those asterisks, kids. Imgur He makes sure they were paying in class the day previously. Imgur And wants his class to know the responses to life’s huge


Imgur Exactly what a terrific teacher.

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